Local Authorities

Local Authorities refers to the provision of specific information about a particular property and the surrounding area of the buyers and sellers. Local Authorities are the various types of local government like the City Council, Municipal Council and the Municipality. Local Authorities are responsible for releasing a bunch of important document in terms of Shop License, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, etc. So, it is mandatory for the local authorities to maintain a security standard in the documents issued by them.

Secure Docs can play a vital role in securing the documents of the Local Authorities. The incredible feature about Secure Docs is the government agency can set up this system in-house, and they can manipulate the security layers as per their desire. They can have high security as per the high vulnerability of the document. For the documents, which are less likely to be attacked, they can keep few security features. For Local Authorities, Secure Docs is an essential solution as it deals with documents, which are vital and valuable. Local Authorities should implement Secure Docs throughout their offices; so that there is a transparency amongst the departments and no fraudulent activities take place.

Secure Docs can be used in Local Authorities Sector for: