Licenses & Certificate for Government Departments

Secure Docs has been implemented in a lot of government organisation across the globe in order to make their documents easy-to-make, secure and robust. With Secure Docs, S Cube is trying to safeguard all the government documents across the world as it is valuable for the receiver and if it is tampered or counterfeited the reputation of the government organisation is at stake, so we are trying to make them secure as we can, by implementing Secure Docs, the next generation document security tool.

Secure Docs has been tested with multiple security features which sets it apart from other document security tools or system, we are trying to solve all the flaws in the document printing industry. We have used Guilloche design which is next to impossible for any fraudsters to fake, we have used various other document security features like UV Evident Feature, Copy Evident Feature, etc. , which makes our system simple, safe and secure.

Benefits of Secure Docs for Government Departments
Technology which can be implemented into government documents include: