A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments and measurements are performed. Across the globe, there are so many authorized laboratories; used for scientific and medical research, which take many forms due to the differing requirements of the various fields of Science, Medical, and Engineering.

Laboratories do research on behalf of the clients for their product, equipment, or for analysis purpose. Every Laboratory issues a Certificate of Analysis depending on their findings and observations from the research process.

Every research happening in the laboratories is related to the health of an individual or a research about a product whether it is harmless & acceptable or matches the requirements of the client/end user. So, it is important for the laboratory to secure their documents like Certificate of Analysis from forgery, alteration and falsification.

The documents issued by the laboratories are vulnerable, so it is important they maintain an amount of security standard for their documents which makes it difficult for the forger to fake the documents. The amount of security required for the Certificates or documents issued by the Laboratories can be attained by Secure Docs.

Secure Docs can include an added layered security approach which is difficult to counterfeit and has the potential to stop the fraudulent activities in the Certificate of Analysis and Research documents offered by the laboratories. Because of Secure Docs, the laboratory can accomplish an additional trust amongst their clients/customers. Secure Docs is a document security tool which can only be controlled by the administrator and the best part is the secured document printing can be done in-house with less stress and less investment with maximum security.

Secure Docs can be used in Laboratories Sector for: