Where Secure Docs can be used?


We have accomplished to build a software solution that has helped a lot of educational institutions to combat the serious threat posed by counterfeiting, theft and forgery through our increasingly simple and sound printing and data manipulation technology. We use various security features like copy evident, UV Evident, Hologram, etc.

From our experience, research, analysis and expertise, we have developed this document security solution in order to fight the rapidly growing document fraudulent activities; Secure Docs has proved to be viable solution to stop document fraud. Secure Docs has proved its point by providing Certificate Solutions to most of the universities in India and want to provide the solution across the globe where document security is a necessity. There has been a huge growth in the Online Learning and Certification Courses, because of which a student learn and get certified form anywhere and anytime as per his convenience and they are not bound to any physical location. Certificate Printing requires greater control by the awarding bodies and it makes essential for every certificate providing body to get Secure Docs to make their certificates unique and anti – counterfeit.
Certificate Verification & Compliance

It should not matter that the certificate is in printed or soft form – our goal is to create the certificate simply with high standard of security in order to make them Anti-theft, Anti-Forgery, Anti-Counterfeit.

Secure Docs has been already implemented in various Educational Institutes; in order to prevent their certificates from fraudsters and to maintain their reputation in their relevant market space. We are trying to provide them layered security approach, which helps them to manipulate their data on the certificate as per their requirements with various security features like Variable Background, QR code with private key, Bar Code, etc. which is difficult to fake.

Now you decide as an educational institute, you want your certificates to be counterfeited or you just want to use this product (Secure Docs), which will safeguard your certificate and your reputation as well in the longer run post the issuance of the certificate.

Secure Docs Usage in the Education Market